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September 30, 2004



What is it that kids find so intriguing about the garbage collector? My son wanted to do that for awhile, and now he wants to be a gas station man. He likes to clean the windows when we stop for gas.


Ben (4 1/2) has wanted to be a garbage collector since he was 2. Recently he decided also to be a volunteer firefighter, but the garbage collecting job comes first.
(Trash day's a big day around here.)


It changes from month to month. So far, she wants to be the owner of a candy store, a swim teacher, an author, an illustrator, a professional soccer player, and/or a bug scientist.


Jackson (age 5), wants to be: an engineer (the kind who drives trains), a farmer (raising chickens for their eggs, not meat), a daddy, and a teacher. He's a very sensitive boy with big feelings. I keep thinking, because he's so much like me, that he may even end up being a writer one day.

Busy Mom

A soccer-playing teacher and a sword fighter here. Busy Baby, well, he didn't say specifically, but I think basketball player may rank right up there!


If I were to put all of his "I wanna be's" together it would be something like a train engineering - police protecting - fire fighting - preacher.

(Did I miss a couple there? Yeah I think I did, but I'm so exhausted right now, I can't think.)


I just asked him this very question. He answered without hesitation, "Batman."


Kayla for the longest time has wanted to be a nurse and a ballerina. She also wants to play the guitar in a blue grass band and play lacrosse. She has even gone as far to say that she wants to have sextuplets (after watching a show about the Dilley family) and be married to a little boy named Shawn down the road from us. What a busy future.


Paul has always wanted to something with electricity or pyrotechnic things. He is moving righ along with that, so I am pretty sure he will do something in those if not both things.

Sean wants to be a Hero and a Dr. We shall see.

Daniel wants to be a dad.

Peter is whatever his brothers want to be. I am sure he will find what he likes as he gets older and learns.


Critter either wants to be a doctor or a teacher. He used to want to be an alien, but I think he outgrew that ;)


For the past two years she has been adamant about becoming a Marine Biologist and studying Dolphin behavior. Over the past two weeks her 6th grade class has been studying the Ice Man of the Alps and she is keenly excited about the prospects of this type of research.


Hannah says she wants to be a hairstylist like me,I really don't want her to be.But if thats what she chooses,ok.Mallory says a professional soccer player,and Seth?He could care less right now.lol


I ask Isaac what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, "I dunno." After a few moments of consideration, I'm happy with that. After all, he is only 3.

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