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October 29, 2004



I'm like you. I knew before Tony was born that he was going to be a boy. We didn't have any ultrasounds done, so there was no real way of knowing, I just "knew." In fact when I was about five months along, my mother asked me a question related to some old wives tale and with my answer she was very sure I was having a girl. She proceeded to go out and by a little dress, even though I warned her to add a pair of overalls with it.

My question is does your "gut feeling" ever cross the line into "Mommy terrors?" Mine does.


Man-you hit it on the nose! I have a strong motherly intutition when it comes to my boys, especially Sean and he is sick.(Drs don't mess with me anymore since I have been right every single time to their 'wrong'ideas.) I better not brag or I won't have humility! :)

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