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October 20, 2004



First off....grilled peanut butter?

We eat Campbell's soup when we're sick - chicken noodle, split pea or vegetable. And when I just want comfort food, graham crackers dipped in milk always does it. A. doesn't eat when he's sick, either. For the past few days he's only eaten raisins and Clifford Big Dog cookies (I like to think they're graham crackers, like those are so much better for him).


I can not remember what I ate--too long ago--my girls like chicken soup and grilled chesse if they are up to eating and hot tea also

now confort food is my home-make mac and cheese and warm bread


When I was sick, if I felt like eating, it was usually Mom's noodle soup, and applesauce.

For Tony it's usually applesauce and dry toast. Later when he's feeling better it goes to tomato soup, and juice.


Sounds like we had similar childhoods, Pop Tart.

Without fail, as soon as I could eat after the wickedest of stomach viruses, I would have a McDonald's cheesburger with pickles. (You know, because the pickles have supreme regenerative powers.)

So, of course, being addicted to my habits, I still do this when I'm sick.


I don't know if it counts, considering they are drinks more than foods, but here goes...

Chicken broth, warmed up, and drinkable Jell-O. (Jello poured in boiling water, as per the directions, add the cool water, and drink.) That works wonders for a sore throat and cough!

Robin P

When I was a child, Mom always made Lipton's chicken noodle soup when I had a cold. That was the "sick" soup. When I was well it was always Campbells. I'm not even sure why!
With Lillianna, as soon as she has a sniffle she asks for "Mommy's magic soup" which is just my homemade chicken noodle soup. She insists this always makes her well. Who am I to argue? I think it cures me all the time too. Lillianna said the magic ingredient is LOVE! How did she know my secret??


For my boys cheese sandwiches or pizza. For me, it is the foods I grew up on and it depends on my moods. I love cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, this one dish my mom made with onions, ground beef, macaroni pasta, and tomato juice. YUMM! I also love mashed potatoes and gravy! Chicken fried steak.


Jelly and custard is the combination that always cheers my children up. I love big hunks of freshly baked white bread with even bigger chunks of cheese. Always puts me in a better mood.


I just found your journal and love it! Our comfort food was always chicken soup


If we're reallllyyy sick -- food is the last thing that we want. I would say that ice cream is big hit when feeling bad for me and my kids when we really don't want traditional food.

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