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October 25, 2004



No, no class pet yet...which I'm glad about. Right now, we have a cat who we barely have any time for, and I don't think that we would have any extra time to care for any other pets, even if it was on a temporary basis.


No class pet this year. But I still remember when my son's class had a pet garter snake and the teacher lost it--at her house. Her husband had a heck of a shock when he found it in a desk one day!


Oooh, watch out. EVERY TIME I've babysat a gerbil or hamster, it's escaped and I've never been able to find it. The real owners usually discovered the rodent a few days later, hungry and crusty-eyed. Check that cage door often.


Nope, no class pets at this school. Thank goodness. At the son's old school they had a guinea pig (or was it a hamster? or a gerbil? what's the difference). So anyway, but no one was allowed to take it home. Whooo!!


No, thank God! I like big animals -- like my boxer who at 11 1/2 months old weighs about 65 lbs. :) .


Hamsters are Evil stinky creatures--lol!...our last one bit EVERYONE and Husband named it M.C. Hampster (okay, so it was a while ago--hee!)

At least it will only visit you, right?


Nope...thank god!


Have you seen Zeno's post? (about devouring rodents in some parts of the world...)

To answer your question: the Kindergarten class has a spider. No, it will never come home.


Animals are not permitted at school anymore due to allergies.
We had gerbils growing up. Paul had a hamster and it was okay until we added another one-we had dozens of babies in no time!

Let him bring it home. He will learn just how hard it is to take care of such a small creature.
Good luck!

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