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October 19, 2004



The sound of one car hitting another-mine is a terrifying sound. I even hear it in my head the night before we go on any kind of trip.

Another sound is the loud crash or thump upstairs in the area of my son's room. Then there's the sound of thump-thump down the stairs in a method other than with the feet, and the loud terrified scream of a little boy.


Squealing brakes sends shivers up my spine and waiting for the impact thud makes my stomach roil. On another note...I also cringe when I hear cats fighting.....it just gives me the willies.


No sound at all. When my children are playing together in their bedroom and everything goes quiet - I panic when that happens.

Yesterday, I heard a sound I hadn't heard before and it was awful - the sound of my five year old's head hitting the bricks outside. Horrific. He was fine, though - a large egg at the back of his head, but nothing serious.


Definately the sound of squealing brakes.And for some reason,fire.I'm terrified of an appliance shorting and burning our house.No idea why.


Two of my three children are now driving and I am panic-stricken every time they leave the house. I can't relax until they return home. It's pure agony. I hope I live through it.


What scares me most is no sound. The car not driving up when it's expected. No voices when I get home and everyone's supposed to be there. No sounds when someone is supposed to be downstairs.


My brother, who has been an adult for a long time, still has this way of half-running, half-falling down the stairs that always sounds like he's taken a tumble if you don't see him, only hear him. Even though I say, "Stop scaring me like that!" he doesn't stop.


I'm with you on the sound of screeching tires on the pavement. Also hearing them cry when I'm in another room. My son scared me yesterday. I heard him give a loud wail and I went running to see what was wrong. He had accidently shut his finger in the back door (whew!). That got my heart racing. He is o.k. though (nothing broken).


Sean's cough. It usually means he is getting sick and will mean a hospital stay. I have 3 other boys to mother and it really puts them out and my hubby. SOmething I don't want to do, so I get busy to keep Sean from getting worse. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Oh and Drs in the ER who don't do their job!

Driving on the freeway! So many inconsiderate drivers! I have been slammed into a center divider once, I don't want to do it again!

Of course the brakes slamming. I had to literally yank my 4yr old by the shirt to save his life from a car going too fast out front. He was two and into running away from us. He headed straight to the street!

Growing old. I don't want to and then die. Not sure why, but I just am scared of growing old. Perhaps the end of the world come before then.


The sound of my son with a stuffy nose or a cough. When he was born prematurely, we had to be so careful to keep Thomas healthy so that he wouldn't get sick with RSV. For adults it manifests itself as a cold, for him would have been very serious. Even though the greatest danger is over it still gives me the chills.

The other sound is he sound of Thomas gagging. He's just starting to eat finger foods now and I'm terrified of him choking!

I hear you on the fear of being hit by a car. Next summer when Thomas starts running we are investing in a FENCE for precisely the reason you stated above--it only takes once and children are by nature a little flakey when it comes to things like safety.

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