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October 18, 2004



i cry all the time and am thankful for the ability


Sometimes it seems I cry all the time. I cried when members of the US team won gold at the Olympics, I cry at any kind of sensitive spot in eposodic TV (Little House on the Prairie.)

I'm glad to read that I am normal.

Robin P

I was a big crier before I had Lillianna but I have cried an ocean these past 7 years. Everything makes me cry. You would be amazed at how fast Lillianna can run for a tissue for me. If that becomes an Olympic event she will be winning the gold!!


I Love your last comment ("when your milk ducts...") It's so true. Yes, I cry more as mom, but often the tears are happy tears :)


Wanna know what makes me cry? Potty training. Seeing how excited he gets and how proud I am of him...who would have imagined?


I definately cry more now.


I have always been pretty sensitive but when I became am Mom forget about it! I think that as a Mom my heart is just kind of right out there...
Just be glad we can feel. :)


I've definitely started to cry more. I start thinking silly thoughts like "one day he'll leave home" and start crying. He's 16 months old, mind you. I'm a sap.


I was always a weepy one...first movie I ever cried at was "Bambi" and it wasn't a re-release. I do think it's that nurturer part in us that is activated at times


I can remember as a child I always wondered why Moms' cry so much. My mother would cry over sappy movies, even cards we would give her. After Kayla was born, I started. A song, a commercial on tv, a card in the card store, anything can make me tear up. Sometimes Kayla will say, "Why are you sad Mom." She relates tears to sadness. My tears arn't always about sadness. Sometimes I feel this overwhelming sense of pride, happiness, excitement and sometimes I just cry for no reason at all.

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