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November 08, 2004


Robin P

FYI I audtioned for ZOOM when I was 10! Obviously I didn't get on the show.
A couple of years ago a beechnut hit my windshield and cracked it. I was thinking out loud and saying, "I wonder who I should call." Lillianna didn't miss a beat as she sang the jingle,"1-800-54 GIANT" I had to hug her. She was right...Giant Glass! Thank goodness for commercials!!


Oh I have a horrible time doing math!


I like Jen's idea!
I can remember numbers-mostly for people's birthdays. The friends I had from growing up a long time ago in elementary school! I will look at my calendar and a birthday will pop up in my memory from my long time ago friends! or even memorable dates we shared together! Thankfully I can remember dates for my family. This comes in handy when I need to recall Sean's medical history and when he had what surgery. Good for those trying to change dates on me! They will lose!


I generally don't try to remember friends' phone numbers (that's what autodial is for, right?) but one friend's phone number was incredibly easy to rememember, and it took me awhile to figure out that it was because the last 4 digits were the same as the number of one of my best childhood friends. I hadn't called that number in over 25 years.


I've actually been thinking about doing a scrapbook page with all the numbers I remembered from growing up -- our address, phone number, PO Box -- those numbers were all important to me at once time or another. Maybe you could make an art project with your son to hang in his room or something, a line drawn down the middle and on each side -- our old numbers, and our new numbers. That way he has it to look at and can still have his old numbers around to make him feel secure. Or if you have a memory book or something he looks at a lot you could put it in there.

Just a thought. ;o)


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