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November 09, 2004



I don't know if this will help or completely defeat the purpose, but right now on my blog I have an entry up about being at peace with not being perfect and letting go of wanting your child to be.

It's disappointing trying to be perfect then realizing (a) no one CARES if you're perfect, and (b) you can't always get there, so does the fact that you've missed PERFECT make you a failure?

At the same time, we want our kiddos to do well and do their best. It's a complicated matter.

Come by my blog and see what you think about what I said.

jen ;o)


Bear seems to appreciate when I own my flaws as well as my strengths. I'll hear him say "Oh, well, let's try that again shall we?" in exactly my tone of voice after one of his towers falls or when he puts his shoes on the wrong feet.

Sometimes just by being aware of ourselves, we send a message to out kids that it is all right to be imperfect.

Colter has high expectations, and the means to reach them. That is an amazing gift. And it sounds like he has just the right mom to help him navigate the difficulties and the joys such a gift will bring to his life.


Be who you are. :)


My mom is a real perfectionist and a high achiever. I always thought as a child I had pressure to do well from both my parents, but as I grew up I realized it was internal. It was my own perfectionist!! Then again I am not a perfectionist like my mom and when I haven't done as well as I liked I know I can always come to my mom and tell her without her getting mad at me. So I think the best thing is even though she is a perfectionist she allows me to be who I am mistakes as all.

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