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November 17, 2004



it's because men are incapable of realizing we are wives and not maids. Or mommies, take your pick. ;o)

I refill the TP in my bathroom but not DH's, and do you know what he does when he runs out? He steals it from MY bathroom!



Putting dishes in the diswasher and fine tuning the kitchen cleanup. The only way it gets done is if I do it, or get Angelo out of bed to do it if I'm still working on getting Tony's schoolwork ready for the next day.


at my house, it's the thin strip of plastic that gets pulled off the milk gallon and tossed on the counter. Why can't it get tossed into the garbage? and egg shells left on the stove on the spoon holder!! I mean, really!!


Pick up any glasses before bed, so there is nothing for my toddler to spill when he wakes up before us.

Fill the ice trays.

Robin P

Gosh Julie,obviously Donna hasn't read much of you over these months. If she had then she would know how well you and Gary work together to provide a loving and caring family for yourselves and for Colter. Anyone who has read 2 posts could figure out how much you all love and respect one another. I know you are going through a lot of stress with moving and all so please don't take her comment to heart,ok? There is always someone out there who thinks they know us better than we know ourselves!

Tammy and the rats

The ice cube tray. OMG! Does that make me mad! Instead of filling them, I would find them in the sink/strainer/dish washer. What is the big deal? *grrrr* Just getting mad thinking about it.

PS - Just read a post by someone else... I don't think you should change a thing about yourself and you are a WONDERFUL roll model for your son. I wish more adults would take the time to treat each other the way you do your husband. You're a lucky woman with a lucky family.


I'm a single mom, I do all of it. But I end up doing all of that at work!!! Am I a mother EVERYWHERE I go??? At last check I don't recall any of the those paper products being that difficult to work with.


Yeah...being a Mom can be a thankless job. All those items you listed? Ditto in our house. My hubby doesn't realize that he's used the 2nd to last ice cube either. Somehow I'm the only one who empties the trays into the bucket. Oy!


I hope you didn't take what that horrible Donna person said to heart. She obviously has issues. I've been reading your blog for months, and I think you're a GREAT mom.

I too do most of the nit-picky stuff around the house, but that's because I'm very detail-oriented (and easily annoyed) whereas my husband is a very laid-back, big-picture kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, though, I work his ass off. He's responsible for all lawn- and car-maintenance. Also, he cooks a lot and gives our son his bath every night. So I figure it all comes out in the wash, which my husband also helps with (but not very well!). :-)


there is alot of stuff I do mostly around the house--but then again I am a sahm--the rest of the family will do what I ask, but I have to ask--rarely will they do in on their own


I have been sick for nearly a week now. NO ONE has taken the time to wash dishes, like normal. It is usually me late at night when I don't get interrupted. I would love to get interrupted if it is help. THe laundry wouldn't get folded and put away. The bathroom. I live with 5 men. Do you think any of them could help clean it up? It smells and they call come telling me to make is smell better! There is more, but I don't want to take up too much space. They can be great helpers if they want to be, but for the most part, I do it all. If I am out of order, things fall apart!


Wow, and I thought it was nice of you to save him the trip!

It seems that a lot of housework tends to go unnoticed. One of my mother's (and now my own) exasperated sayings is "When I do my job, no one notices; when I don't do my job, EVERYONE notices!"


Why did you run out to McDonalds and your husband was already out on his way home? Why didn't you ask him to stop? I have been reading your blog daily for a few months and I appreciate your insightful questions, witty stories, etc., but I find myself getting angry at you because you seem to let your husband and son walk all over you! Sorry if this is harsh, but I won't be reading anymore, so this will be my last comment - respect yourself more! It will be better for you, you will be a better roll model for your son...good luck.

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