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November 24, 2004


Robin P

This past Friday, the day after Thanksgiving I slept til 9:00am!!!! I was thrilled! I am usually up by 5am....6am at the latest.


I have a wierd sleeping pattern. The more I sleep, the worse mood I'm in when I wake. For this reason, I go to bed around 9pm and wake at, a very early to some people, 5:00am. This allows me a chance to do things that I need to do before my kids get up at 7:30am. Its nice and sleeping late would ruin it. The last time that I slept past 5:00am was so long ago that I can not remember it.


The last time was a LLLOONNNGGGG Time ago! A long time ago! At least 5yrs ago, perhaps when I had to have strict hospital rest while I was pregnant with Sean. It was forced upon me for two months. Sometimes I wish I could do that again, the rest part and be waited on hand and foot.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Last May the girls and I went to Cape May for a field trip--the bus left at 5 am that morning and we got home at 2 am the next day--we all slept in till 2 pm that afternoon


August 29, 1999, the day before Amy went back to work from maternity leave and left me in charge of baby Kelly.

Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!


My husband and I quickly came to an arrangement once I'd returned to work after the birth of our son just over a year ago. Saturday mornings I get to sleep in and he will get up with the baby and Sunday morning vice-versa. If on your getting-up day our son just happens to sleep in until 9.00 then thats your good luck. So, you know you have at least one day a week of sleeping as as long as you like. Well almost, 10.00am is about as long as hubby and baby can wait, but its still nice!


Hey there, just surfing by courtesy of Blog Explosion. Hope you have a Happy Thanskgiving!

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