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November 28, 2004



I think the same thing when I see those little bellybuttons! (both mine have innies.) I just can't resist kissing them and blowing raspberries on them!


Jonas and I talk about his belly button all the time. It is one of his favorite stories; to hear about being inside of Momminy and how we were connected and that Aunti Sharon cut the cord [because Daddy thought he'd puke cutting through that thick flesh]. We talk about it


my daughter has a herniated belly button, so it really sticks out. the dr says it should look "normal" by the time she's 3. If not, they can do a simple procedure to fix it. which my hubby is completely against, I haven't decided yet. I don't want her to be teased when she's older by girls in her gym class! on another note, my sister was once told by a friend of my mom's that is she unbuttoned her belly button her butt would fall off!!


My dad had never seen any of us kids born (there are 4 of us) so when Mary was born he asked if he could be there for the delivery I of course said yes and we also let him cut the cord. Mary thinks my dad made her belly button.


Funny, the 28th was my Riley's 4th birthday...and as i kissed her belly button ( which is an innie) i was struck by the same thoughts that you were.....Now of course she wants to see pics of her attached to mommy by a "wire" ( trying to explain an umbellical cord)


My son is an innie. I didn't know it was genetically determined, I thought it was the way the doctor tied it? So at the hospital I kept asking them to be sure to tie an "innie", which doesn't translate in Dutch, they didn't know what an innie was! Still they managed it though!


James, like his dad, is an outie. For months, until I read that it’s genetically determined, I thought his outie was the result of my inadequate cleaning of the area, because I had a horror of doing it. Hannah, like me, is an innie.


we are all innies here--do not kiss theirs anymore-that would just freak the girls out :)


My kid has one of those outies-inside-an-innie, if that makes sense. My hubby and I both have regular innies. She has her finger in it constantly. I had to stop dressing her in those snap-crotch bodysuits because she couldn't reach her belly button when she was wearing them and she would freak out. One of my favorite photos of her shows her sitting on the couch in her PJs, holding her sippy cup in one hand, and with her finger in her belly button, looking straight at the camera with huge tired eyes, not smiling, but not unhappy either. Just tuckered out from a long day and happy to have her finger in that belly button.

Robin P

Lillianna is an innie but I never kiss her belly button. The spot I can never resist kissing is the bridge of her nose...I'm not sure why but it's my favorite spot.


We are all innies here. I've never seen an outie.

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