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November 29, 2004



Awww. Those kinds of moments are rare and precious!


Keep it where you can see it so that when you are feeling like the worst mom on the planet you can remember that your son thinks the world of you!!
I love the cute things that Colter does!




that note is a keeper--sweet child


I can't wait until my girl learns to write! Though she does scribble the cutest nonsensical notes to me! AND, if she is really, super happy about something she will come running at me and say...Mommy, dont forget I love you. I have no idea where she got that from. But I get tears everytime I hear her say...I just want to squeeze her. I wish I could frame that.


Kids can be so sweet!

When I picked up my daughter from preschool last week she was all smiles and very excited to show me a Thanksgiving Day card she had made. I flipped it open and inside her teacher had written "I am thankful for..." and then my daughter had added, in her own wobbly, just-learning-how-to-make-letters handwriting: "Daddy"

Melted my heart!


That was such a sweet thing for him to do! Aww!


sigh! Don't you just love being a Mommy?!


That is the sweetest thing! Now I'm sure you'd wished it was acid-free paper and that special ink so it will never fade! ;)


most excellent child!

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