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November 26, 2004


Robin P

Wouldn't that be great? Good idea for next year. At least jammies are roomy for when we bust a gut from eating too much!


One of my DD's favorite school-sponsored activities is Pajama Day! They get to go to school wearing their pj's all day long!


When my grandparents were still alive, if we had a holiday meal at the ranch, you put on a pretty shirt and your levi's 'd better be clean, even pressed was better.

Fortunately for me, when we joined my husband's parents for almost all meals it was coat & tie for the boys. Hey, somebody else is setting the bar high, I like that, I look like a good guy for merely insisting on the polo shirt and khakis.

And of course now sometimes we have a meal in the hot tub. has to be finger food of course. Incredibly luxurious, dining in the warm water.

Happpy thanksgiving my dear, just think you are one of a million moms insisting on full clothes for the babies.


I love the idea!!!!!


I wanted to wear MY pajamas to Thanksgiving dinner, but my husband would not allow it. I told him that when WE host the next holiday (some time in 2005) it will be a pajama event. Seriously, how fun would that be??


I would love to go anywhere in my pjs


Oh! What a fabulous idea. A dinner party in PJs. I think I might do the same thing.



I LIKE the pajamas idea!!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! I'm glad Coulter finally agreed to wear something better than shorts and a tshirt! ;)


Yup, we had that conversation here. With the teen. Who wanted to wear shorts and a t-shirt in the 40 degree weather. On the other hand, the girl was dressed to the nines!


Come to australia and celebrate christmas here. Christmas is usually casual and involves water guns or just water in general. I don't think there is too many holidays where people dress up unless they are going somewhere special (restaurant etc). I like the idea of pj's, now if only they could be accompanied by a sleep in to at least 9am.

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