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December 23, 2004



My daughter is in the teenage years, so she is into clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Throw in a CD or two and gift certificates. I also got her a cell phone. What more does a tenny-bopper need? Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


I hope you have a great Holiday! :)


We have vetoed the whole video game thing for now. Of course, mine are 7 and 4 so it isn't as crucial as Horses, Teen Titans, and The Big Green Machines.
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none--,my 15 daughter is getting art equipment and 13 daughter is getting a better digi camera


For my DD, I tend to get her a hodge-podge, variety of things, ranging from educational stuff to some not so educational toys.

When she was young, she never cared very much for dolls, but this last year, her interests have changed a bit. Dolls started to move up closer to the top of the list of her favorite toys...almost right up there with her arts and crafts supplies. I did get her a Barbie Cali doll, a Polly Pocket set, and a knock-off Cabbage Patch doll.

For my 2-year old DD, he is getting Hot Wheels, trucks, and cars, and he'll be delighted with every single one of them...although all of the cars in his collection are beginning to look a lot alike to me!


Two, one for the boy and one for his Daddy.

Liam's godfather always sends money, and I used it to buy him a memory card and controller for the PS2 and a game. I'm holding on to what's left of the money so he can choose a game later, too.

Otherwise he's getting books and puzzles, binoculars and walkie-talkies, a castle and a bike.

Thank goodness I only have the one child.


Well, I got one video game, but it's for my daughter, not my son. And for her January birthday, not Christmas. She's also getting a punching bag, but I didn't see that on the list.


Well, Howard's are sort of on the list. He's getting a new PS2 since his old one broke and a game for it (since he already has a bunch from his other one). Nothing Paloma's getting is on the list. Clothes, DVDs, a soccer goal, a TV/DVD (I can't believe I'm giving in here, but I've got to have my bedroom back)and craft stuff. Howard's getting DVDs, an air gun (oh yay) and some science experiment stuff. I reckons some of that qualifies as educational--I'm just not sure they'll learn what I hoped they would.

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