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December 25, 2004



Although I am not a great Bettleheim fan, his gloss on secular Christmas--that all the world is so excited that a child is born! It might be YOU that is so precious a child--seems compelling to me.

Santa is probably a vestige of the Magi, the Zoroastrian wise men who bring gifts:


So there are all kinds of ways to see Christmas.

But in all ways, I wish for you and your family peace, joy, and increase.


After shopping, Isaac ask, "Who is that man?" I replied, "An overgrown child stuffed into a red suit acting like a dork."

"But why are all of the kids waiting to sit in his lap?"

"Because they think that if they tell that man what they want for Christmas, they will get it."

"Duh, all you have to do is tell your Mommy."

"Good boy."

I have "Santa" reservations, if you can't tell. I don't really care if he is Jewish or not. I just prefer not to lie to my child about Santa. Instead, I teach him what the real meaning of the season is.


Well, Jesus was, so why not Santa?


LOL - ilove Gary's response :)


Hahah that was a very clever answer Gary gave!


if you check out my blog this morning you will see the stars of david on the row above the santa clauses on my [jewish] children's christmas stockings. i would have to say yes. merry christmas to you as well!


That's great! LOL


I suspect Gary has an answer for everything! And if he doesn't I am sure you do! I know it isn't 'your' holdiday so to speak but I am hear to hope and pray that happiness, peace and joy kiss you today!

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