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December 11, 2004



I am always happy to find couples who take marriage seriously. The trend is to have a disposable marriage. If it isn't blissful every day then get a divorce and try again.
Rich and I have been through many of the things you and Gary have survived. It's not fun but it does make you stronger as a couple. It's all worth it!
Our marriage survived a 6 month separation last year. I was sure it would end in divorce but luckily Rich realized what we had and with counseling our marriage is better than ever!


Absolutely beautiful!


Hello, I noticed that you have linked my website. Which is wonderful :-) I was just wondering how you came across it?


Oh, bless your heart. I know what you mean, and I couldn't agree more! I just celebrated my 4th anniversary with the most wonderful husband in my world. He is my everything and I take him for granted far too often.

I love what you have engraved in your ring. I had "All my love forever" engraved in Matt's band.

I don't think it is old fashioned at all. I think it is simply wonderful.

Thank you for sharing this post. I think I will go give my husband an extra kiss.




Auntie M

What a nice entry about your husband.. especially since you went through such a traumatic time this month moving. It's a time that could either bring you closer as a family or put more stress into the relationship and I'm glad your relationship seems to be thriving.


that was wonderful what you wrote--


What a wonderful tribute. I've known the Hunter 20 years, been married 15.5. We had been through a lot in the time we've been married, but I think I've learned the most in the last couple. I've learned not be arrogant and think that we are somehow immune from certain troubles. I've learned that you can never stop working on a marriage. I've learned not to let our relationship get caught up in "life". And, most importantly, I've learned to stay vigilant, to catch small irritations before they become huge problems.

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