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December 30, 2004



Late here, but I've just discovered your blog. I also use More Time Moms in my kitchen. I love all the stickers. Makes it pop more than just my handwriting. Very practical.

My 9 y.o. son is in love with Pugs, so we surprised him at Christmas with his very own Pug wall calendar. It makes him smile every time he sees it. I can't say the same for my calendar. Heh.


I've been using the one you mentioned for 2 years now. That one goes in the kitchen and I just have a regular one (this year it's an Ireland calendar) for the wall in my bedroom.


I know I'm late coming to this but I'm celebrating De-lurking day and thought it was time to reveal myself...

I use (and just FINALLY got yesterday) Sandra Boynton's Mom's Calendar. Have used it for about 6 years now. A good sized column for me & each child. Dad is left out in the cold though because there are only 5 columns. I was going through withdrawl without it and even the kids were complaining. Thank goodness it's hanging in it's rightful place in the kitchen and I've filled in all the activities and specials the kids have.

Kara Courtaway

Calendars cost too much


Mary Engelbreit all the way! We have concrete walls in this current apartments so I have a day-to-day. I love ripping off the pages everyday and seeing something new. :)

Tammy and the Rats

I use a calendar that my folks have made for us every year...pictures of the family made into a great memory keepsake. With my birthday being in January, there is a picture of me that my brother took...of me drying off after a shower. Nice, huh? haha Every month has a wonderful picture and brings back fun memories (like when everyone had one too many martini's and ended up fully clothed in the pool). Check it out, and have one made! I promise you'll love it!


Every year I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the calendar from my alma mater. The pictures are gorgeous (for the most part). I just wish they'd use paper that was a little less slick and a little easier to use pencil (and eraser) on.


Hi, Julie! (I found you through an About.com article on the DotMoms, and in fact I blogged about the DotMoms and the Blogger Moms trend today! I was so excited to find other mommy bloggers!) Last year I had a Trading Spaces calendar. We moved and I was in a redecorating binge. This year, it's a cat calendar. I'm planning to sit around with my cat this year. Tired of decorating, LOL.


Well, I wantNEED one of those now!!!

Happy New Year!


Calendars are a sore subject in our home. Ken thinks they need to be just on the computer to save money and paper. Yet he prints them out like they are going out of style. I like to have several calendars with pictures or whatever to keep track of everything. I carry a small on in my purse so I can keep track of Drs appts and what not. I write everything down on it and then transfer it to the several at home including the stupid computer one.
I would like to have a huge one, like my mom did to keep track of 7 children. Here I would write who does what chore on what day. They will see it and know what they are suppose to do.
My dream is to have a palm to calendar with.


I used the More Time Moms calendar this past year and loved it. However, my husband found a different calendar for this year with animal images on the top, dates from top top bottom and five columns running alongside to track events for each family member.

But no pocket. I'll miss that!


I use the one I get free from Ensure ;)


Another fun question! :) For the same type of reasons that you had, I used to agonize over what type of wall calendar I was going to buy too. They were usually kind of expensive, and I wanted to make sure that I got the most perfect one for me so that my money wouldn't be wasted. Well, recently, I realized that I get a lot of free calendars in the mail from non-profit organizations that I donate money too. The pictures are usually of wildlife or nature scenes, and they're not bad, so I decided to use those instead, and save my money.

I also just print out a monthly calendar page off the computer. That's what we post on the fridge, and we mark our family events on that.


I like the idea of those pockets!!
My calendar is always French because I hope to travel there someday! 2004 was Provence. Big squares! My kidlets may write neatly in pencil upon it, but I have the executive privilege of finalizing dates in ink. My big family uses only one calendar and, that way, everybody can see what everybody else is doing and we keep from getting too busy!


Last year my then-four-year-old got me a Betty Boop calendar for my office, so that's what I used, and we had golden retriever puppies in the kitchen.

I haven't bought a new office calendar yet, but sadly we spent enough money at our mechanic's this year to rate a muscle car calendar from them. Liam (and his daddy) love it and it will go where the retrievers were.


I use a palm so I don't need a calender outside of that. But I like ferret calendars because they are so silly looking - even though I never plan on having a ferret! ;)


I use a dayplanner--it has lots of pockets and lots of extra space in it==if it is not written in there --it does not get done

My hubby has a huge wall calender from work.
My 2 girls use me as their secretary so they do not need any calenders:)

Robin P

I collect Fairies by Dezine which are gorgeous fairies. Lillianna bought be a fairy calendar for Christmas and these are the meanest, scariest and most hideous faces and bodies I have ever seen on a fairy. They are like possessed goblins. I smiled bravely and told her I loved it but egad! Do I really have to look at these things for the next 365 days???????

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