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December 08, 2004



I love orange paint on walls!
I like that sort of clay-blue, too. All the nice strong southwestern colours.

I hope settling into your new home is going well!


Congrats on your successful move! And Happy Hanukkah!


I'm so glad to hear you made it!

Happy Hanukka and I am so very glad to hear you love your walls! My home is my sanctuary so I understand how important it is to have one that makes you happy!

Blessings for you and your family.


Happy Hanukkah!
Welcome to your new home as well! I heard somewhere, that Orange can be a calming color. I do know it helps make you hungry!
Hope you are able to get settled quickly and the rest of your Hanukkah is wonderful!



welcome home!
hope you get settled easily. relax a bit and enjoy your non-white walls!


I never had to move as a family when I was a kid and am doing all I can to not have to uproot Tony. I'm glad you finally are moved in.

Happy Hanukkah, and peace be unto you on the Sabbath Day.


You are right. That's what I keep saying over and over. Thank you, thank you, thank you. After the last few days, the Shehechyanu was particularly meaningful.

Give your baby boy a big kiss tonight.


Congratulations on your move, hope the unpacking goes well--Happy Hanukkah


Happy Hanukkah! Glad you're all moved in with orange walls. :)


Glad you're in, and hope the whole family adjusts quickly. Happy Hanukkah!

Orange, huh?


phew! Welcome home to you guys! Hope you are able to settle in smoothly. Yay for good color choices!


Congrats and may you never suffer any colds! ;)


Congratulations on your move, I'm sure there is still much to be done, but to be in your new home for the holiday is a special blessing!
God Bless!


I hear ya! I moved in to our new home last week. I still haven't found a place for most things, and am still missing things that should not be missing (like a garbage can! How can you miss a garbage can?!) hehehe

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