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February 07, 2005



I don't know...there's something to be said for playing with other kids, for looking at picture books or reading real books, or for making messes in mud.


Gameboys are OK if the kids don't become obsessed with them. The down side is that when kids use them for hours at a time they miss out on conversation with their family and don't develop social skills.


we have never had them (we as being the girls)--they never wanted them--they just like to read


I think that a GameBoy is fine. Of course, it's to be played in moderation. Moira didn't get hers until she turned 7. Most of her friends already had gameboys and other assorted gaming systems at a much earlier age. She plays it in the car or sometimes just when she's hanging around the house. I think that tvs/dvds/vcrs in a child's room is much worse than a game system like gameboy.

Bluegrass Mama

I think they're fine in moderation, but I'd probably let my child play it on the way to the restaurant, then leave it in the car.

Then again, I never had my own phone till I had my own place.

Miss Hap

I call them Anti-social devices when they are played in public, in restaurants, or wherever they interfere with what would otherwise be: conversation.

Having said that, I think they can help develop fine motor skills and problem-solving skills if done in moderation, like at home during free time or in a car if on a trip. My son has one and loves it, but knows that not turning it off when time's up or ignoring a live human is a deal breaker!


Toys that will be unwelcomed in this house for as long as I can keep them out are a Game Boys, Game Cubes, Nintindos and other related stuff. I don't think we need them here. So to answer your question, I think they tear generations apart.


I'm torn when it comes to video games. My husband loves them and spends a lot of time playing during his downtime. I know our son will be the same but I hope my husband will teach him how to balance it with other things in life.

I think a Gameboy is a legitimate way of killing time while waiting. Book are wonderful too but it can be hard to concentrate when you're out.

From the commercials, it looks like video games can be very interactive. I guess you're not finding that to be true?

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