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February 17, 2005



Lillianna likes to walk in a mall without holding my hand but when we get in a crowded area she always reaches for me.
I feel like she wants a little freedom but knows when she needs protection.
Being able to let go is a good lesson for all of us.

Tammy and the Rats

Not so much a comment about your post - but an idea. Instead of putting the number on paper in his pocket, write it in ink on his hand/arm.

I remember when I was eight or nine, I stopped giving my parents kisses before I went to bed at night. My mom was so upset. She got over it and now at 35, I give them both kisses and hugs all the time. No matter what's coming in the next few years, remember this: History always repeats itself.
Hang in there and all the things you love now will repeat itself later!


I still remember the day Michaela pulled her hand out of mine. Then I remember what a woman told me not long ago. "They come back."
It's true.


I'm sitting here crying.

I just can't read your posts after I've had a drink. Does it really mean I only have 4 more years of my snuggly son?



That was very brave of you. I think, however, that you're right: letting go is a good thing. I found that when Mom let me go off to the East Coast, 3,000 miles from home, that's when we've really become the closest friends yet.

And sometimes there's still that urge to reach out and hold Mom's hand for a little comfort.


aw. becoming independant. its a scary thing. i fear the day! just keep lovin him! :D


Way to tug on this mom's heartstrings! As soon as my daughter turned 12 we got her a cell phone. So many people said she was too young to have one. I always reply "It's not for her, it's for me."


Oh, boy. I remember that short bit of the path so well. It's true, your conclusion. The more we let go, the more free they are to be with us on their own terms.

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