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March 01, 2005


Robin Pratt

For some long-lost reason, I had "Learn to ride a motorcycle" on my list. Fortunately, my husband bought one for his mid-life crisis and he taught me how to ride! I'm happy to take it out around the neighborhood - no heavy traffic, please...

Now, if I want to learn to ride a unicycle, I'd better get a move on. I'll be 45 this year and am very aware of the power of gravity. My youngest son will have to teach me! :-)


Hug your family a little more, stop and look at the clouds gliding by and imagine what object they might be, and write down 20 things you are glad you have already done.

Amy H

I turned 40 last week. Celebrate. Love the woman you have become.


Learn how to surf!


I turned 40 last May (mentally counting) which means I'm real close to 41. I've done so many cool things, but probably the bravest thing I've ever done...as cliched as this may sound...is have children. The only thing I haven't quite mastered is the "liking yourself as you are" stuff that Bluegrass Mama speaks of. I am very comfortable in my skin, albeit stretched out and a little giggly, but need to learn to accept the fact that I cannot be happy with everyone or expect everyone to be happy with me. Although I hear that goes away when you're 50...here's hoping!

Tammy and the Rats

Two words:

Find Happiness

That's the only thing anyone needs to do. Find happiness - that leads to other things that you'll never find unless you're happy.


I read your list and my two favorite are: taking a nap in the hammock and starting to play guitar and piano again.

Forget about visiting all the lighthouses. It's stressful even reading about it. I'd say, take your hammock to one of the lighthouses and take a nap there.

And do not add anything more to your list!!

Bluegrass Mama

I can barely get through a day's to-do list on the rare occasions when I make one!

I'd only have one thing--learn to like yourself as you are.


The list is a great idea although I think top of my list would have to be "Stop making long lists of things to do". Don't thnk I'll be able to resist though!


In my case, it was to have a child, which after much fertility anxiety I was able to squeeze in one month before the magic date (I guess that's one you have already crossed off you list).

Now I'm working on 50...


A most excellent idea! Instead of being a self created limit, I see it as a way to encourage exploration. Only problem w/the lighthouse tour for me would be the airfair.

I'd also like the cook husband a praiseworthy meal, then actually GET the praise!


To stop imposing artificial limits on oneself.

I love your blog, by the way. You are so creative!

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