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March 29, 2005



ah, the addictions are many and varied! caffeine and unfortunately, nicotine....email...the sight of my son's half hot pink half midnight black hair atop that mischievous grin..my daughter's bright smile as she comes thru the door...my oldest son making me coffee before i get up....those cozy late-at-night talks with each of them.....mostly i'm addicted to that warm feeling in my heart at the very sight of my three greatest gifts.......


I adore kissing Lillianna on the bridge of her nose!!! That's my favorite place. I also love cuddling with her in the afternoon and reading with her.

I can never get enough of Rich tickling my feet. It relaxes me and usually puts me to sleep.

Let's not bring up my food addiction,thank you.

Planet Mom

Read my latest post and you, too, will discover what my #1 addiction is...

Hint: It's not chocolate, although that comes dangerously close...I also have this quirky little Weather Channel thing...I just HAVE to watch it. I know, I know...it's a sickness


The computer (email, news, blogging)
My son and my family


I'm a blogaholic, and just love it.


Blogging and reading blogs
Can you be addicted to a person? My husband.
Cornbread (a controlled addiction)
Reading (when I get the chance)


Internet and blogging, bad tv, and playing with the doggie!


I'm addicted to:
My belly.
My husband's eyes, his smile and his soft hair (just about everything about him).
My couch and bed :-D
The new series House and the Apprentice.
The blogs I like.
Everything bagels with cream cheese.
Blueberry pancakes and Tortilla EspaƱola.
And lately...Work



SO addicted to my computer and to Snugglin' with the kids

Jane Smith

smushing on my dogs
hugging the spousal when he doesn't expect it


My laptop and everywhere it takes me. Coffee. Rum. My husband's warm body in bed at night. Hot tub and baths. Looking at the ocean.


Email absolutely. I think I check it at least twice an hour. Friends episodes, french bread and my son's giggles. My pregnancy cravings have me currently addicted to cheeseburgers. Go figure!


My son's "snort" noise when he's laughing really hard.

Wonderful post - you really got me thinking!


Smoking!!!! definatley! any tips on how to QUIT????? I would love to set a better example for my girl & not be so smelly!!


I'm definitely addicted to the Internet, blogs, and cakes of all kinds. And addicted to my little boy's toes. :D

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