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March 14, 2005



I prefer the bad news first. Hearing the bad before the good makes the good news seem even better!

Jane Smith

I guess I'm the oddball!

I always want the good news first. Maybe it's the Scarlett in me. I want to enjoy the good news while it's mostly untainted. I'll think about the bad tomorrow [or in 5 minutes].

If I get the bad news first followed by the good news, I wind up quickly dismissing the good to deal with the bad. And then it's just all bad.


Bad news first...though sometimes wtih kids, the "good news" isn't always that great either.


I can't enjoy the good news if bad news follows it. I like the bad stuff first too!
Why torture myself??


Angelo thinks I am a bad news first person. I am trying to remember when we had bad news and good news come at the same time.


Bad news first, definitely! Otherwise it kills the excitement of the good news. And once I hear the bad news, I know that's as bad as it gets. Although occasionally my husband gets confused and mis-classifies them, and tells me what he thinks is the bad news first and then what he thinks is the good news, but then I think he got them wrong! That has led to some very funny conversations and silly disagreements.


I feel exactly as you do - I always want the bad news first!


I'm in the Bad News First group. But why do so many people prefer to GIVE the good news first?


Yeah, get it out of the way, deal with it, fix it, then say fine: what's good?


Bad...give me the bad stuff first...


bad news first here also


I definitely want to get the bad news first. I can't enjoy good news knowing that the bad news could wipe out the goodness of the good news.

Plus, I like to resolve problems as quickly as possible before it can escalate to an even bigger problem. So, if bad news involves me needing to fix the problem in some way, I'd rather get the news sooner than later.


i;m with you - gimme the bad news first


Have always wanted the bad stuff first.


I'm with you - give me something to look forward to after hearing something I don't like. Mealtime is the same way - eat the "have to" stuff first and save the goodies for last!


who likes the good news first anyway?
of course bad news first!


Definitely, no question, hands down: bad news first. The good news perks things up so nicely - especially if there is good news. My family's been known to say that, then confess that "there is no good news" when prompted for it.


I like the bad news first. That way you end up on a good note.


I've heard that no news is good news.

If I *must*get news...it should be entirely good news.

If I can't choose my news, I'd like the bad news whispered and glossed over completely, quickly followed thereafter by the good news which shall be shouted and mulled over accordingly.


Hope the bad news wasn't too bad!

Definitely like bad news before good news. It's like having dinner and then dessert.


Definitely like the bad news first, for the same reasons as you.


Bad news first, so I am not let down after hearing the good news.

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