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March 08, 2005



My son's name is David and he just turned 14 and he's going into high school in a couple of days. And he finally asked me if I could buy him boxers instead of briefs before school starts, because he said last year he got teased a little. I thought it was sorta stupid because they make fun of something that they never see until the locker room. David is my only child, so it's probably alot harder for me to hear kids at his school are making fun of him for something stupid like his underwear. So I asked him, if which kids made fun of him. He didn't know most of their names, but he actually made fun of some of the kids boxers when he couldn't say their names. Like one kid had looney tunes boxers, and one kid was wearing dinosaur boxers. So I said to him, just to tell the kids that say things to him, why are you focusing on my underwear? Then I told him just to walk away, before they can say anything.


My son ask to wear boxers, like dad, at age 4. He is now almost 7. His mom would have liked to see him stay in cartoon briefs, but I said why not let him have the choice and picked him up a couple of pair and since then, all of his briefs have been replaced and I pick him up a new pack ever so often and discard those that are too small or are worn ;^)


At least your son will talk to you about underwear. My daughter (now 14) doesn't want to discuss her bras with me for some reason. Last year I noticed that she'd suddenly started wearing a "training" bra. I didn't say anything to her but mom told me they'd discussed it but that she didn't want to talk to me about it. This from a daughter who I have a great relationship with and whose diapers I changed...

Yes, they do grow up and it's kind of hard, interesting, sad and joyful and wonderful all at the same time to watch my little girl going through the process of teenagerhood.


I can't help but laugh out loud when I read this!


it is just starting :)


And the questions only get tougher. Good luck.
Have a great weekend.


Why do they have to grow up???? I'd like the questions more if I didn't have to answer them!!


My poor son is the youngest of 4 children and the only boy. When I learned he was male, before he was born, I was worried. I wanted a little boy so bad and loved the stereotypical little boy behavior I saw from my friends sons, I worried that he would be overwhelmed by all the females around him and not be "boyish". I shouldn't have worried. (I could not put this on my blog, he would die)

At 4 years of age, during the Olympics, he announced he wanted to be an ice skater. Curious, I asked him why. He stated he wanted to be an ice skater, not because he could glide around on the ice, but because the guys got to hold the girls by their bottoms.


At least he didn't ask you WHY you wear bras! No matter what he asks you, just think it could be worse :O)


bwah! and so it begins...


My toddler has worn a bra before...on his head! ;)


OMG: How cute.


Hehe. :)

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