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March 19, 2005



My son Brian is only 1 he just turned 1 and well im trying to break him from a bottle and he just is not having it ive tryed almost every sippie cup on the market and nothing he is refusing to drink out of one so i threw out all the bottles but one and im trying to wean him but its not working OMG i need help please what should i do to break him ? its like he doesnt have the sucking reflex for sippie cups


My son is addicted to his collection of sippy cups. I can't wait until he outgrows them because the caps are a major pain to wash, especially in those grooves where the spout is. I have to use a variety of non-conventional tools to keep them clean, like scrubbing brushes for pots, toothpicks...


Too funny: Yes it goes by fast and the method of beverage consumption is an excellent benchmark.

My wee one will be using the "ba" or sippie cup for wine when he turns 21! I know this to be true as his attachment to the sippie cup is like none I've ever encountered. Well, that and the "sheet-saver" he rests his cheek upon when he sleeps. He's going to be one interesting date with his purple playtex insulated sippie in one hand and his dingy yellow quilted terry dribble cloth in the other.

I guess he'll be living with me for a while. I'm not complaining! =)


Kiddo#1 has his own Nalgene bottle after seeing the ones that hubby and I use for hiking and outdoor activities. :) And he decorates his with stickers like we do. Only his stickers are ones of Nemo and the Incredibles.

Bluegrass Mama

Our 10 year old likes to drink juice out of wine glasses occasionally just for the effect. Serves me right for serving sparkling grape juice in champagne flutes on holidays.


Amy's comment reminded me of the photo I have of my daughter at age 10 months drinking from one of those 4-ounce Avent bottles, with a huge beer bottle in the foreground. A friend took the photo but I don't know if he did it that way or by accident. It is a funny one!


See, now Tyler has liked to drink his juice or water in the fanciest glasses in the house...which are the mexican glass shot glasses, or the fancy little cosmo glasses from Williams Sonoma. I recently put them all away for fear I've made a huge mistake in letting him do that. It's nice having some cabinet space back, and it's not like we were using them for their intended purpose. The wine glasses on the other hand...


my kids aged 3 still want a bottle every morning. hopefully by the time they get beer mugs they will be 50!


I have a wonderful photo of my oldest daughter sitting on her dad's lap, age 1, sucking from a bottle she holds in one hand while her dad is tipping up a bottle of beer for a big gulp at the same time.

Gary M.

From bottle to sippie cups to kids' plastic cups, then coffee cups, then beer mugs. The evolution continues on to beer forget the mug, the bottle will do just fine, and in later years drinking everything through a straw.


I hope it's a million drinks until he gets to beer mugs and shot glasses.

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