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March 06, 2005



I've discovered recently that my son has no fear of the stage. I am pretty comfortable on stage whereas my husband would rather stay off it.


First of all,very funny,Gary!

Lillianna has my love of reading,my impatience and my ability to pitch a fit! I'm so proud!

Gary M.

I hear he is very smart. Who does he get that from?


One of my traits, that i find the most bothersome is my insecurity/shyness blend. (Like a fine wine right?...Ha, more like a cheap cup of coffee). My oldest son seems to have my shyness, but without the insecurities...my DD has the shyness...and err..moodiness...LOL...my youngest two boys are incredibly vivacious, outgoing, shiny!! I like to think that's because i have been working so hard on myself (yeah right..just humor me)


Kiddo#1 is very active and especially loves nature and the outdoors much like his dad. Everytime he sits and talks to my belly in this calm and gentle voice, "Hello baby sister," I like to think he gets that sweetness from himself.

What is most fun is seeing his individual personality come out!


My son is quite like his father in a lot of respects: he is fastidious, cautious, contemplatative. He's like me in that he can be shy around people he doesn't know.

My daughter is quite unlike me in that she is fearless and outgoing. Not sure how that happened!

Auntie M

"I'm just reading for fun." You've done a good job with Colter!


This has been the fun and eye opening part of parenting, especailly when there are more than one child involved.
Paul-is very laid back. Dislikes school which is a shock for Ken and I since we love school. Paul tends to keep to himself, which is more like me. He is also has a tender heart, when he chooses. He gets that from me. he is less like us than his brothers. Has a massive sweet tooth like I do! Draws well like I do.

Sean-loud and ready to go. that has kept him alive though. He is more like Ken. Ken is very outgoing to the point he turns people off. Very stubborn like both of us. sings like both of us. Draws like me-good! Loves to eat anything if we let him. that is so much like Ken it isnt' funny! It is hard for him right now due to his recent surgery.

Daniel-very shy-more like me. He is a dare devil like his dad. Has to try everything once to see if he likes it. loves any animal like I do. Very tenderhearted like me. We are crybabies together. he is a picky and slow eater like I am/was. Drawing is an interest because of his brothers, but we shall see. He loves to sing like both of us.

Peter-we are still learning more about this sweetheart. He is momma's boy, so he likes all the things I do. he is a picky eater like I am/was. He is into music and drawing like I am.

How is that for things?


My daughter is very much the opposite of me. I was bookish, she is athletic. I was serious, she is a little comedian. I am simultaneously relieved by this (as she has a shot of *not* repeating my mistakes) and bewildered (because I keep finding out I don't understand her as well as I think I do).


That is sooo cute! And how awesome is that reading just for fun! That is the goal right? good for him!


So how do you feel about ketchup on scrambled eggs or hash browns? Some people think that's gross too but I can't imagine why. Ketchup on macaroni and cheese...I'm going to try that sometime! ;)

When it comes to food, my son wants to eat anything his daddy eats. I didn't particularly care for chocolate until I got pregnant so I knew the baby was my husband's because he's a chocoholic.

I think it's harder for me to tell how my son is like me. Mostly because he's just a toddler and also because I am with him for too many hours a day to have an objective view.

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