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March 26, 2005



Those are some very insightful thoughts by Colter. I'm impressed!

As far as vacation goes -- I really don't like the preperation and the getting there. It always seems rushed. My favorite part is just the family time we get and the time to explore and relax or experience something new. Coming home too is a nice part of vacation.


The best part of vacation is discovering new places. I love learning about history, and exploring interesting and unique features of nature.

The worst part is the stress of getting ready to go, and the on-edge feelings when I'm with certain members of my family.


About "when will it be my turn?" Yes, you've got it! Taking turns involves not only sharing, and waiting while others take their turn but also stepping up and ---Taking Your Turn! Hard to do, but it's really important for Colter to learn that Moms have turns also. I'm having also to learn this right now because I don't want my daughter tied to someone who doesn't think that she deserves her turn. I've seen that too many times in people my own age.

Jane Smith

This is a beautiful post of reflection and witness to your life, thank you for sharing it. I'm so glad I found your corner in the world - dusty or not. :)

Most favorite - experiencing new things and going new places. Spending all that money! Coming home [no matter how great the vacation, there's no place like home].

Least favorite - airport security lines [even though I know we need it] and spending all that money! Being away from the she-hellions.


Your son is wise way beyond his years. I hope he's president one day.

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