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March 04, 2005



Very well said.


Thanks so much for a great post. I've always thought that if going through Kirk and Bill and Spike was what I had to do in order to get to Steve, it was worth it. It just sucks that you can't know that when you're going through it. But when I look forward to my daughter's time to learn about men, I'll want to remember this.


I like that you get a good plug in there for your husband at the end. You have almost too much understanding about the reasons why from the past... Isn't there any room for chance or uncertainty or what the guy was thinking?


This was really the perfect post for me to read today. Thanks for the gift...


We have all cried,"Why?Why?Why??" over a guy.It's not our place to understand it at the time,but thank goodness,as we mature,we know the answer. It wasn't the right person.
Like they say,you're looking for Mr.Right not Mr.Right Now!
True love always wins!
This was a great post,Julie!! We all feel this way.

A Touch of Style

I think that you are wise beyond your years. I certainly didn't realize half of this when I was in my twenties!



You have a very healthy approach to past relationships! I don't feel that way about the ones in my past, unfortunately. :(


Very well put. Thanks to Mike for preparing me for Ken.


Wonderful. You made me cry.


Gosh this would have saved me a lot of heartache if I had read this in my dating life!


Hey there. That was such a nice, heartwarming post. I think everything you said rings true for me too. I guess it's really universal.

Thanks Wayde, Dave, Fred, Jamie, Dave2 and Peter. I am a stronger and more self assured person because of all the crap you guys put me through. Kiss off...uh...I mean: Kisses! xoxo


Beautiful. Really, Julie. It's such a mature perspective on something that is so painful for so many. Reading this helped put a new light on an an old flame whose disappearance haunts me. Or should I say, helped to finish blowing out that flame...those remnants that hang out begging for closure that can't ever come.

It's so true.

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