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May 13, 2005



My son is 12 and he just started taking meds in February of this year. He was diagnosed when he was 7, but we have "managed" if you can call it that, without meds until now.

It is amazing how a little control and sanity in your lives can change everything. Kudos to you for helping your kid. I'm tired of the teachers pushing to medicate and society at large blaming parents for over-medicating. If our kids had diabetes, would we even consider not giving them insulin? It is all about the kid. Whatever the parents decide is in the best interest of their child is the best.


I just found your website and I love your story. I have read it over and over again. We too, have traveled down this road and our son is a sucess story. With the medication, he has gone from a struggling and failing student with no self esteem to a straight "A" student who loves school. His Dr. did reccommend the medication and 3 months later said that ADHD is way over diagnosed but based on results, we hit it right with our son. I never thought he was ADHD.....I thought he had a learning disability. It's amazing to watch him excel now. I see the administrators at his school burst with pride at every Honor Roll Assembly.


Good for you! I'm so glad you found the right kind of medication that helps not only your son, but your whole family. Keep up the good work.


What a wonderful story. I'm so glad you can enjoy your child.

I taught nursery school for 7 years a while back, and problems like that were not all that uncommon.

Kudos to you and your family


WTG. I'm so happy to hear that he has made such progress. You have made the right decisions for your son


As the mother of an ADHD child I think we always worry what we can do differently. I think this is great. Beautiful.

My ADHD son graduates from high school one week from tonight. He's been accepted into college and has decided to go. This might not sound like much but for most of his highschool years he's said he won't go to college because it's too hard for him to sit still that long. But he's gotten to a place in his life where he recognizes that he needs to be assertive with the things he CAN control because there is SO much that is beyond it.
He surprised me further by telling me that he wants to stay on his medication (he hates the meds because they make him feel crappy) while in school. I've gotten the best present in the WORLD... a child who has enough confidence in himself to step out into the real world knowing that he's capable of attaining any goal he sets for himself.


This made me cry a little. It is so similar to what my family has gone through, how I feel about it and how I explain it to other people. I'm so greatful that we have a way for our children to be more in control of their actions and their emotions. I don't know what else to say, except that I'm glad you voiced what so many parents have had to go through just to make a better life for their children. Kudos!

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