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June 15, 2005



Happy Birthday!!

I used to teach a meditation class, and the whole time I'd be thinking "I'm a fraud!"

But I do return to meditation when I can remember to, that and Qi Gong exercise and yoga. The more often I do it (at home-alone-at my own pace-for free) the more energy I have for this insanely busy life. I haven't in weeks, and I'm feeling it. Drained.


Happy belated birthday! (and now that you are 40, it's not so bad, is it?)


40, you say? Pshaw! :-D

Eyes for Lies

I relax by going out my back door. I live on a lake. If that doesn't work, I take a boat ride. It's a guarantee to work. As soon as we take-off and the wind blows my hair back, all the stress disappears. Honestly.

They say that those who live in the country are a LOT LESS stressed then those who live in the city. They say nature and trees has a lot to do with it -- and I completely concur.

Perhaps you should move to the country ;)

Oh, and when I have a tub -- a bath is a major relaxer for me. Just right now, we are remodeling so I am without one -- boo -hoo!!!


When I try to relax, I fall asleep. Not too bad.


That was very well written. how to I relax... blogging :) Reading blogs and reading. Playing with my kids. Lying on the grass watching the clouds. I think relaxation comes in many different ways...even strenuous exercise


relax?? a hot tub?? wish i had one~~a long bath? can't seem to work in the time between stresses and crises....lol. i used to read or do crossword puzzles to relax, but that was a lifetime ago, before kids, and work, bills and single parenting... you've given me something to think about. now if i can just find the time for a thought!


I would definitely be a snorer. Not because I am so good at relaxing, but because I am so damned tired that if I sit still for any length of time I fall asleep.


My friend owns a store that sells crystals,candles,incense,tarot cards,etc. She and her husband have tried over the past 14 years to get me to meditate. No can do! It just stresses me out!

When I need to relax,Rich tickles my feet.Usually I wil lie on the couch or in my bed and Rich tickles me to sleep. It is the most relaxing thing for me.


I either take a long hot bubble bath or jump in the hot tub, light some candles and bring along a favorite beverage. Works every time.


Blogging or drinking heavily.

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