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July 04, 2005



Tony watches some TV and does play some computer games. There is one A*C program on Sunday and (during the season) Monday nights that he and I watch together. Other than that it's PBS for two or three programs a couple times a week and the computer for about a 1/2 hour a day.

We do not have GameBoy/Cube, nor does he have a TV in his room. The swing set, the bike and, the train set, and construction set are favorite toys for him.


That's a wonderful articulation of lots of our arguements about why we DO let our son watch television! Sure, it can be bad if he's watching too, too much or the wrong thing, but that's our job as parents to determine. And there are lots of positives to both television and electronic gaming. Thanks for saying that in public. It's a sentiment often viewed as lazy or irresponsible. I think that, by monitoring children's consumptions of all natures, we are being very responsible parents.


i let my son watch tv - but not whatever he likes. there is also not much that keeps him riveted (courtesy of his ADHD). he loves animal planet and national geographic. he also loves cartoons, but some of them i can't stand. when i get confused over why i don't want him to watch something - we read phillipians 4:8... again.


The next time you are going to be on t.v. could you please email all the dotmoms and let us know? I would've taped it!

I grew up with a t.v. We had them everywhere. Of course t.v. in my day wasn't like it is today. Rob and Laura Petrie didn't even sleep in the same bed!!
I do let Lillianna watch too much t.v. at times but she does a lot of other activities and if I suggest something other than t.v. she embraces it. If she was crying and hugging the t.v. when I suggested something else and begging not to turn it off then I would think it would be a problem.
If she watches too much t.v. it doesn't really worry me. I watch way too much too!


My toddler watches way more than I ever thought I'd let him. It's one of the best ways to amuse him while I get some work done. At least he doesn't just sit on the sofa and watch with glazed eyes.

Angela Giles Klocke

What? The one day I sleep in and miss GMA? Not fair!

But congrats :)

Mine don't watch a lot. Dh on the other hand...

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