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July 09, 2005



I think rainy days are harder when you have young children. I don't think much about the rain - If I want to go somewhere, I just go.
And of course, it's a wonderful day to read a book.


Watch as many movies as humanly possible, of course. :)


I enjoy moping. Naps. Looking in the atlas at perpetually sunny places, like the Sahara.

I remember as kids in summer we'd put on our bathing suits and play in the rain puddles.


In Las Vegas, rainy days are few and far between. The kids usually want to go outside just to make sure it's real!


Congratulations to them.

I hope you guys stay safe!!


I have been cleaning, cooking, pacing, preparing for Dennis. The kids and hubby have been watching tv. Most rainy days we just do our own thing and then come together for a game or movie. Isn't it too early for hurricanes? And how crazy that we will see the effects all the way in Birmingham?

I have snacks, books, and games ready to go for the possible days without power. It's kind of nice to have a chance to slow down and stay home. Crossing fingers that life and property remain safe for the areas touched by the bad weather.


Losing my mind, mostly. On our most recent rainy day, I had lots of activities planned -- baking, arts and crafts, that sort of thing. Other than baking, each one lasted about 7 minutes. It was a LONG day.

Maybe when the kids are older, a day spent entirely indoors won't seem so endless. Right?

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