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July 18, 2005



Wow. Should we be nicer to each other? yes. Should woman be more suppportive of each other? yes. Are we? will we? Nope.

Human nature isn't going to change. Not enough. So, take this as a wonderful cautionary tale about blogging. It seems so innocent - write what you think, what could go wrong? Don't be naive!

It's important for anyone considering a blog to set "ground rules" for themselves before typing a word. What you write could change your life.


This is a tough one. I recently came across another nanny blog earlier today and wondered why she would be so honest about her employer and post her photo, too. I think the nanny/employer relationship is like that of a doctor and patient. Respect, trust, and honesty are key. Not to mention respect for eachother.

Robin P

This is really quite a strange situation. The Nanny should have kept her blog a secret from her employer. Clearly, she wanted her to read it otherwise she wouldn't have given her the link. When I first heard about it I thought the employer stumbled upon the blog by accident. I didn't know she was handed the blog address!!
They are both at fault. Poor judgement on both parts.


Donna said it much better than I can - so ditto to that!


Men do go after men this way - usually in politics, sports, technology, etc..

In my view, though it was dumb to share her blog, the journalist exaggerated for the good of the NYTimes and seems to be fairly egocentric.


I'm not so sure that this is just a women vs. women issue. Maybe a human vs. human issue. I wonder if in our struggle to feel good about ourselves we have no energy left to make anyone else feel good about themselves. Also if someone else is making wrong decisions and we point it out, it seems to make our decisions all the more right. The more self confidence we develop, the less need we have to judge others.


You've hit on a question that's been dogging us since the dawn of the women's movement -- and one that probably won't be settled for a very long time as we learn to accept that the choice one woman makes doesn't negate the choice of another.

Melanie Lynne Hauser

Agree with the above comment. Case in point - the whole "Chick Lit" vs. "respectable fiction" controversy - (Curtis Sittenfeld, anyone?) It's ridiculous. Why can't we just support each other, regardless? I hate to say it, but you really don't see men go after each other this way.


We are our own worst enemy -- woman vs. woman.

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