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July 23, 2005



Your home town sounds idyllic; I wouldn't worry about missing out on a thing! There is good and bad about each environment. Cities are great places to visit, but I wouldn't want to live in one with children, not in modern times. You mentioned Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry; I just finished reading the book "Devil in the White City" about Chicago's World's Fair. That building was part of it, I think. Fascinating read and really made me want to visit Chicago.


I was born and raised in the city, went to school there, had my first 3 kids there and then when they were 4,3,2 and 8 mos.... we moved to the Little House on the Prarie. And I am not exaggerating! (Talk about culture shock, everyone here knows your name!) Don't regret it at all, it's the best of both worlds. I live 1 hr and 40 minutes away from Manhattan. My neighbors consist of cows and horses. My kids wake up to find rabbits, woodchucks and squirrels welcoming the morning sun. When we miss the broadway musicals, museuems and zoos... we take a ride to the city. The kids love their home and so do I.
I knew we had to move after the attempt at being mugged at 3 pm in the afternoon, my apt. was broken into and my dog was stolen from a relatives yard while visiting them. I don't even lock the doors in my new home. The only complaint I have is ...the ocassional black bear.


I wrote a counter column on my blog and started quite the debate among my friends - many of them have come here to read the post that started it all, as I live in the city and one of my best friends lives in the county (not quite the country) and we've been having this debate for about a year - your post gave me an constructive way to view what she was saying and also gave me the constructive thought space to respond accordingly - THANKYOU!


Damien and I live in a suburb, one of the most popular suburbs I might add- it’s not the city, but not the styx. I love my life here and I love driving my car! We have access to several libraries, a planetarium, museums of all kinds, two zoos, a lion park, world heritage sites around the corner, there’s fast food, movies, shopping malls, skate-parks and my friends and family all live within about ten minutes of our place. We go for walks, not often I’ll warrant, but we do. BTW, can you really see sharks & stingrays from the pier? Damien would be camping out there (he wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up, specialising in sharks)!

Madame M

What a great piece. Thank you.

Tammy and the Boys <  :3  )~~~~

I'm a city girl. I love my stiletto shoes, make-up, and wearing fancy clothes. I have had two "country" outings. Both make me shutter at the thought of them. I once went to rural Iowa to attend my brothers wedding. My trip can be summed up with the following phrase, "You wanna check out the pig farm?"

Nuff said.

My other attempt at country was going camping with a boyfriend. Oh, we had all of the camping goodies; tent, food, lantern, etc. Once we got to our designated area, the boyfriend started to set up the tent. I went to use the facilities...or more appropriately titled - bug infested hole in the ground. Then I got hot and sticky. There were no showers, which was probably a good thing after looking at the pottie. So, we fed the squirrels some Cheetos, packed up, went home, ordered pizza and slept on the floor.

Since then, my nature consists of sitting out by the pool watching the birds.


Country I'm not.


Small Town Girl...

Not unless they move it to the big city.

Melanie Lynne Hauser

Terrific column. As my kids approach college age, one thing we're considering is giving up the "small town" life for moving into the city. (Chicago, as a matter of fact.) We live in one of those sleepy little John Hughes-type suburbs, and it's been wonderful for my kids, riding bikes to school, walking to friends' houses, to the park - they've had a blissful, hands' off childhood. But despite our proximity to the city, we hardly ever go. And I'm craving the lifestyle where I can just walk outside my door and be in the middle of everything - restaurants, theater, museums.

But, like you, I never wanted that lifestyle while I was raising my children. There's time enough for that, once they've had the benefits of our small-town life.


I couldn't wait to get out of my small town and off to the big city when I was growing up. Now I'm in the big city and have 2 children and would love to get back to my small town so we all could enjoy the freedom I knew as a kid. My hat is off to you for not being a city parent!


I was also a city girl from Houston Tx. Now I live in rural Missouri with my children. I miss the city myself, but really appreciate the fact that I can let my kids play in the yard or go to the movies with friends and I dont have to worry about them. Everyone knows everyone and watches out for all the kids in the community. Its great I would not ever go back to the big city now.

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