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August 13, 2005



For me, it was the day I learned that I was pregnant with my son. The euphoria actually followed me for about 8 months, until I started to beg for the whole thing to be finished.... but then, after he was born, I learned the true meaning of "uncertainty".

I don't think I'll ever make another decision without wondering anxiously whether I've scarred him for life.


Its hard for me to remember my best day as a mother as I have started the journey of weening my child off of the breast. He's never had a bottle and I do not want to replace one habit with another one so I offer the cup. Its hard. Any tips for sore breasts? ANY would be muchly appreciated.

Ms. Mama

Definitly the day of birth was the most intense and pure. In only 3 months, almost every day since has been worrying about something. But the happiest day so far is the day she smiled at us. Oh what a morning that was, laying in bed on a Sunday, our pumpkin between us. Then she smiled up at papa and me. The thought still brings tears to my eyes. There is nothing as special as your baby's first smile.


I had an emergency c-section one and a half months early because my daughter had two heart problems. Everything went so fast that day, I was seeing a specialist every 3 days so they could monitor the baby's heart and I went to their office for my "regular" visit, everything was as normal and then while they had me all plugged up to this machine I noticed that the doctor's face did not look right and then a nurse quickly walked out of the room screaming "we have a tacky baby in here, call downstairs!" I was like what? What does that mean, someone please tell me.... Come to find out, my baby's heart rate was 270 beats a minute. On the fancy machine it looked like the agitator in a washing machine going so fast. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital with nurses and doctors poking, proding me and zooming around getting me ready to have an emergency c-section. I was so scared, none of my family was there; I didn't have my bag or any of those all important things on the expectant mothers to-do list. Luckily one of the nurses without my knowledge had phoned my husband and thank goodness at the very last minute he came running down the hall sliding past the room I was in (when I think back: it could have been straight out of a movie, it was adorable seeing him fly past the doorway)
So...Needless to say: the day she was born was filled with so many emotions: anxiety, worry, guilt, happiness...etc. that I don't know what I was or felt that day. I did not even get to hold or see my baby until 27 hours after I had her. But I do know that three days later (December 31, 1999) when I was able to take my new bundle of joy home from the neo-natal intensive care unit at Baptist Hospital was the best day of my life! It was followed by many more days filled with mixed emotions - but nothing can top that day.
Sorry this got so long....


Happiest day- definitely the day Damien was born. Best as a mom (or maybe proudest) the day he took part in his first national gymnastics competition (and yes I’m bragging).


I really can't choose a single day, but I can definitively say that it wasn't the day that either of my girls were born. With Tacy, it was 11:42pm and I had finally succumbed to the inevitable c-section. With CJ, it was morning, but again, it was a c-section and I was wiped out.

But my best times as a mother have definitely been with the two of them together. Growing up, I never envisioned myself as a mother, and I am most proud of myself in those moments where I see that I am succeeding in spite of myself.


Intense and pure, day of birth... I'd have to say you hit the nail on the head with that one.

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