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August 07, 2005



I just got back from a vacation at the shore. While there we all went crabbing. My husband went with our son in the boat and I went with my daughters on the on the shoreline. I didn't have my big, strong husband to cut up the bait fish...YUCK! My hands stunk all day!


Donna took the words right out of my head. Likewise, there are many household tasks that I'm fully capable of accomplishing (or, in extreme cases, hiring someone else to do), but my husband is happy to take care of them, and who am I to deprive him of that happiness?

Teri Stoddard

beautiful. mind if I blog a reference to ths?


I don't think it's a matter of feminism - it's partnership. You both handle the daily tasks that best fit your interests and talents. (And I keep telling my husband, he's way more talented with the plunger than I).

Ron Southern

Wish I was as talented and forthcoming as your husband. I'd be a better human being. But I'm a slug.


Whatever works for you hey! Sounds like you have a dream of a husband! Who cares about feminism. You are happy. THAT's what counts


How can you call yourself a feminist, when you go out in the world to pursue your dreams, and you leave your husband home to care for the kid? Uh! Some people!


What a man! I envy you. :)

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