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August 06, 2005



I LOATHE soap operas, with a passion. It always seems to me to be a bunch of thirteen year old girl’s daydreams and fantasies brought to vivid, pathetic life! I cannot understand how ANY of the characters are even remotely normal- no one ever knows who their fathers really are; people die and come back to life- over and over and over again; they marry each other’s fathers, brothers, sisters; they discover someone has a microchip in their head and is actually someone else; they seem to spend so much time in comas; daydreaming; fantasizing; talking to themselves and being kidnapped or hypnotized that its amazing they still have time to scheme! And no-one works! I do like TV though, other series are far more entertaining!


My college roommate and I taped the soaps during the day while we were in class and did our homework while watching them in the evenings (possibly part of the source of my mediocre grades). Still, I love a show that gives me lingering things to think about. My new favorite is "Veronica Mars." I can hardly wait until the fall shows start again!

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