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August 09, 2005



I went to the Money Mom blog. Thanks for the link. I just discovered blogs this summer and I'm facinated. It can be fun going link to link, but I need to learn to set a timer or the next think I know hours have passed. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and insights!



DeeJay puts her hands over her ears and starts singing "lalalalalalala" so that she doesn't hear anymore about the Harry Potter book. I want to go read more at Money Mom but now I'm scared to. lol I am only in the third Harry Potter book so I don't want to spoil the other three I have left. Bummer. Am kinda glad I know not to go there now, at least till I get the others read.

Money matters. I had to buy my son his dorm room stuff yesterday and only spent $130 since I went to Target and they had a lot of it on sale. His grandmother bought him a few things too and only spent $55. We did good. It would have been easy to go way over budget though. The boy was very happy with the haul I brought in for him. He's off to adulthood next Friday the 19th. I think he's ready, but am I?!!

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