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August 03, 2005



My 3 boys are all firmly ensconced in the Thomas phase. Jackson is 6 and still asked for a Thomas cake for his latest birthday! However, even his super-cool 13-year-old cousin, Ian, plays Thomas trains with him when he visits. The packages say "ages 3-103," after all. :)

I've found the old Thomas stories -- esp. those narrated by George Carlin (post "Shining Time Station") are totally entertaining to watch. PBS has dumbed it down considerably, but the good-storytelling charm is mostly still extant, thank goodness.


I can't begin to tell you how many trains we have. Oh.My.God! My youngest is going to be 9 and starting 3rd grade at the end of the month..he has not played with his trains in I have no idea how long. But, the trains moved with us and now live in a box in my dungeon --ooh sorry, basement.

I can't bring myself to get rid of them because they remind me that all three of my children used to be "little". Perhaps it's me holding on to their youth, perhaps it's them...Nope, totally me.

I must add, though, that I brought the video tapes I have to my office. We have families who sit here for 4hrs a day with small children. I hear those videos OVER and OVER and OVER. I can't hear Alec Baldwin's voice anymore without picturing him as Mr. Conductor. The music makes me cringe....but, they were my children's videos and I can't bear to part with them.

Melanie Lynne Hauser

This is definitely part of growing up and it never ends - at least from watching my own now-teenagers. There are still lots of times that drag out old toys (when they think I'm not look, naturally!) and books.


I think it's great that he "remembered" his younger years and enjoyed being a little boy :)


I agree with you. I think the steps forward/backward are probably ingrained in us. Have you ever read the Sandra Cisneros short story called "Eleven." It's about a girl on her eleventh birthday, but she says that when you're eleven, you're also ten, nine, eight, and so on. I think of it a lot, in reference to children and to many others!

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