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September 13, 2005



Please, PLEAse, PLEASE!!! (with increasing volume and agitation!)


brush your teeth!
clean up your toys
come here

Those tend to be the main ones repeated multiple times.


do you hear me?
do you hear me?
do you hear me?


put your shoes on!
put your shoes on!
put your shoes on!


I have enjoyed this post and the comments. I live in a house of just adults and cats. The adults hear after only once (usually) and the cats hardly listen no matter how many times you say something.
thanks for the memories


Quit! Quit! Quit!

Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Do you hear me?! (Which is a self answering question I guess after 3 times.0)


My grandpa always says "NO" seven times. It's really more of a "n-n-n-n-n-n-no" where every "n" is pronounced "nuh." It's very weird.


LOL Three is my limit. I only ask three times...I always say


Mine is pretty simple...

"Nolan...would you please stop that."

"Noooolan...please stop?"



Same as Cathy - we're a cheap imitation of Bill Cosby at our house.


Our middle child's name is Gabriel. He is three and a half and comes complete with every hair-pulling, teeth-gritting, frustrating three-year old behavior that you can imagine. The word you'll often hear repeated over and over at our house is "Ga-bri-el!"


This got me thinking . . .

I'm going to listen to myself tomorrow and come back and post the ones most used. Right now I can't think straight... Need something for belly pain, weariness, something to eat, a shower, and an ice pack - do they make that in a pill?

Cathy has reminded me that I need to go watch that routine again. It's one of my all time favorites.


I was thinking along the same lines as Cathy when I read this posting. I can hear Cosby "Come here, Come Here, COME HERE!" In my house that one is hugely popular, but so is
"Turn off the TV"
"Turn off the TV now"
"Turn off the Television Now, before I permanently disconnect it!"

And I don't even have cable!

kim b.

my daughters names 3 or more times .... and what? is another one...


a million...? or so...take out the trash. take a shower. get up. put your shoes on. let's go. let's go. let's go. hehe


My husband's nearly deaf, so we repeat lots of things for his benefit. Both of my kids (a 7-year-old and an almost-2-year-old who barely speaks) have a progression when trying to get their dad's attention. It begins with Dad... Dad... and the third time is always his given name, in a much louder voice... Mike!... because usually I'll give them two tries to get his attention before I yell at him from wherever I am in the house... Mike! They've picked up on it, and it's now the family joke. To hear that tiny little girl voice saying, "Mi!" cracks us all up.


I am ALWAYS repeating myself, even though I try not to. Here is my repeat list.
Get Back here!
Come on!
Empty the trash!
Whisper, our neighbors are banging on the walls again!(we live in an apt building.)
Leave your brothers alone!
Stop tattling..

The list goes on and on and on. We try to whisper to each other, but boys just do not have a whisper volume-especially Sean.


I try sooo hard not to. I tell my kids if God wanted me to constantly repeat myself, he would have given me a stutter. It doesn't happen though, until kids release their hold on selective listening, we mother's will have to repeat ourselves. Viscious cycles suck!


I repeat myself every day. With my 3 y/o, it's usually:

Clean up your room/toys.
Clean up your room/toys.
Clean up your room/toys.
Liam, what did Mommy ask you to do?
"Clean up."
Are you listening?
Well, what should you be doing?
"Cleaning up."
He then complies, and usually throws in an "I'm sorry, Mommy." for the guilt effect. :)

Another popular one is:
"Come here!"
"Come here!"
"Come here!"

Remember that old Bill Cosby sketch? I swear I think of him every time I have to say that!

Melanie Lynne Hauser

I repeat myself constantly but I fear it's because I have a short-term memory problem, not because I wish to be heard! I'll ask my kids a question; they, apparently (or so I'm told) answer it; I repeat said question; they roll their eyes and tell me I'm getting old.

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