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September 28, 2005


Robin P

I know how you feel. Sometimes Lillianna is soooooooo dramatic in school and I think,"Doesn't this child get any attention at home? Who the heck are her parents????"

Like Colter,Lillianna is an only child and she gets tons of attention. I have no idea why she needs to be the center of attention in school every now and then.

She's the one who tells me this. "Mom,I had a huge meltdown today but Miss L comforted me. I guess I was a little dramatic."
I try so hard not to laugh.


I think maybe you're being too hard on yourself. I heard exuberance in your words.


I have been there and done that! Yes there have been times that I have said "That can't be my child!" But they do act differently at home and in different settings.


How we express ourselves physically, particularly during competitive sports, can be very different from how we express ourselves in everyday life. I wouldn't read too much into anything, or worry about anything to much - as long as he's enjoying it, being a good sport, and working well with his teammates I would just sit back and enjoy a side of him you're not accustomed to.

He probably doesn't even know that he's being different from usual.

For me, sports was a way to break free from my shy, quiet, smart, small "shell" and be really good at something - and was a way of making new friends who ordinarily thought I was too nerdy or uncool otherwise.

To this day, people are suprised to find how competitive, aggressive and umm 'rambunctious' I am on the soccer field.

Does that make any sense?


i been there! it's incredible how quick we are to judge- and how hard we are on ourselves!


Sounds like he's just very enthusiastic, which means you're definitely doing something right.


I think it's normal for kids to do that when they are in a situation that is either new to them, or they feel like they aren't on "top" of. Since he KNOWS he has tons of love and attention from you and Gary, he doesn't have to act a certain way. He'll just be who he is. whereas in basketball, maybe he's just not sure yet where his place is on the food chain.

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