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October 20, 2005



Ironically - I can tell my husband exactly which isle in any store in our area he can find just about anything.. its a sickness.

Robin P

I prefer the pads that are the size of a mattress....with wings! I usually buy them myself but every now and then I have to send Rich for them. I always ask if he is embarrassed. He answers,"Nope. Obviously they're not for me so why should I care?"


I have had some difficulty in the past, now that you mention it.


Tampons are usually pretty easy to find. Other items are placed in less easily deduced locations, such as infant pain reliever - which is located in the same aisle with all the baby stuff, not in the same aisle as the rest of the pain relievers.

When I was a teenager, my father would go to the commissary on the Air Force base to buy a quarter's worth of groceries (1 quarter = 3 months, not 1 quarter = 25 cents). I learned to write extremely detailed lists of exactly what I wanted, down to the color and size and shape of the container.


I think it's hilarious that most groceries put the tampons next to the baby diapers and food. Don't they realize that most new moms aren't menstruating??? They'd do better to put them next to the make-up and shampoo...

Also, I could never ask my husband to buy my tampons because he'd never get all the order right: Honey, could you pick up a box of unscented-regular-sized-plastic-applicator-tampons-that-are-on-sale-and-have-a-corresponding-coupon-in-my-coupon-wallet, please?

I didn't think so...


Call me old fashioned but I never even asked my ex-husband or current boyfriend to buy tampons for me. I don't think it's particularly bright of women to keep finding themselves out of tampons. You know your going to have a period every month so why do you ever let yourself run completely out? I usually pick up a box or two whenever I see a sale, so that I never find my self home on Friday at 10:00 needing a tampon.


I can usually find them pretty easily. What kills me is when the stores stop either carrying my brand, or stop carrying my box, and only carry the multi-pack. I don't want the stupid multi-pack. I know what I need, so what don't they have it? It's not like it's a foreign brand...it's VERY popular. I don't get it.

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