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October 19, 2005



Thanks be that I don't watch B&B anymore. Lesli Kay is the main reason that I stopped watching ATWT a while back, and I didn't go back until she left.


Reading blogs, but mostly cleaning. I do my really deep cleaning when I am stressed out or when I am really angry at someone. I have nervous energy that I need to burn off.


Why, reading blogs, of course! And winding down with my husband watching the far-too-many-shows we've Tivo'ed that we'll never get to in this lifetime.

I'm old enough to remember when RS was on GH. Mmm hmm.


Ugh -- be safe!

I work on my photography when I really want to be distracted. I lose myself in photos...

Wicked Stepmom

My favorite escape now-a-days is ebay - I love searching the auctions and bidding on obscure little doo-dads the won't break the bank. :)


Having had two hurricanes hit our fair state this fall, we're all watching Wilma closely even though they say she won't come anywhere near here.

Working full-time, I don't get to see the soaps, but I read a daily update of GH online each morning.

I also escape reality with lots of yummy fun television and fiction novels. Chocolate, I find, helps, too.


Oi! I cannot believe Rick returns! What a hoot. I haven't watched soaps in about 10 years, but let me tell you the 3,000 ways they kept me sane and alive when Tyler was a toddler.

I'm praying Wilma takes a dive down to tropical storm.

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