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November 04, 2005



My favorite thing about NYC? That I have never been there. I never had a desire to go.

Now if you were talking about ND (that's North Dakota) I would jump right in and tell you my favorite thing is the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park 14 miles south of Watford City.


I miss the night life, the celebrity sightings, the museums, the people, the food...I miss it all. Unfortunately, we stopped visiting since my parents retired and moved away. We used to stay at their house so that we didn't have to drive back home late at night (1hr and 45 minutes one way).
Who knows maybe when the dwarves get older, I'll move back...

Kim of 'Kim & Jason'

I hope your panel went well. NY is so alive! One of my favorite things was the pizza! NY reminds me of how I felt about Toy-R-Us as a kid. I could never stay there long enough and I couldn't wait to go back. There is so much to experience- the senses are in overload. On the flight home my husband and I made a mental list of all of the things we have to do when we go back.


You mean my adopted home? Where my girls were born? Where my husband and I will retire, once we get these girls off to college (or wherever - just out of the house)?

For two years, we lived six blocks from Dylan's Candy Bar. And then for three years, we lived just across the Hudson in a high rise with a stunning view of Manhattan. I heart New York, and I miss it oh so much.

I hope you had a wonderful trip and a productive panel discussion.


We went this weekend to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes Christmas show. It is spectacular.

Steve Harper

I made my first trip to NY late last year right before Christmas. My favorite experience was walking through Time Square as the holidays were in full swing. There just seemed to be an unbelievable sense of energy and anticipation. I remember walking out of my hotel after a long day of meetings and feeling this overwhelming sense of renewed energy as I walked block after block looking, exploring and taking it all in. It really was a magical experience and I can't wait to go back.


I love how culture gets it going for NYC.

I've been there about two years ago (just in time for Wicked!) and I can't wait to go back! ♥


I'm so jealous! I have not been to NYC in 20 years, and am dying to take my husband (who has never been there) and child (who has her own list of must-see's there). I hope you had a wonderful time!


My eldest daughter! She has a wonderful job in Manhattan where she speaks French all day and walks to and from work.

Enjoy your stay and have fun with your family!!


Gah. My one and only trip to NYC was a complete shambles. A g/f and I stayed at a house in Queen's (!); we paid a horrifying entrance charge to get into a club; we got kidnapped by some guys who took us to their pad in New Jersey (!) and had to make a middle-of-the-night escape; we were so hungover the next day we didn't have the energy to do anything; on Sunday we went into NY proper but everything was closed. To top it all off, the friend and I had a fight and she didn't speak to me for the entire ride back home.

Yes, fond memories of NYC!


I hope you have a great family trip, and that your event is successful. My sister went to NYU and when I visited her, I guess my favorite things were just walking around amongst all those people - the tremendous sense of scale and inclusion. I loved going in a million galleries, and great restaurants, and the sense of history. So I guess just aimlessly exploring. But that's me.


Hope you had an awesome trip! That panel looked fun!


Oh, my son will be so jealous! I didn't know about Nintendo World.. now we'll have to make a trip to NYC to see it and the huge ToysRUs..


I love vacationing in NY with kids. There's so much to do and see just walking around. West Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, SoHo...

I can't imagine it will be hard to fill your panel. Good luck and please write about it--I'd love to know how it goes.


We just went to NYC in April with the whole family- Everyone was enchanted by Dylan's Candy Bar, Serendipity (we actually ate lunch there and thought the meals were better than the famous dessert) and the newly-reopened FAO Schwartz. Toys R' Us has a huge location in Times Square that looked fabulous, too. I believe it has a ferris wheel inside.
I'm sure you know all about the Empire State Building, but it was an incredible disappointment to our family. The lines were interminably long, the employees were incredibly rude and it was so crowded at the top that it was difficult to enjoy the view. I returned home and read reviews on Yahoo about it and everyone echoed what we had experienced.
Another trick we learned- The tour of the Statue of Liberty is supposed to be sub-par, so we took a local's advice and took the free ferry to and from Staten Island. It departs from the Wall Street district (fun sightseeing opportunity) and you end up with a fun boat ride and great views of the statue.
We also bought passes for the cheesy double decker buses. We've learned to bite the bullet and do this in every city that offers them- We were able to see many more New York neighborhoods this way, from Greenwich Village to Harlem, the passes were good for 48 hours and we could hop on and off wherever we wanted.
Okay... TMI, I'm sure, but I couldn't help myself! We are travel junkies!


oh i SO wanna go there!
maybe when damien moves out one day and he's finished varsity... LOL!


Don't tease me! How my taste buds miss NYC. Daily inexpensive lunches of wonderful food. Oi. The take-out food here in rural Ohio is the pits. I get tired of cooking.

Have a wonderful, fruitful trip!

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