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November 22, 2005


Robin P

You have to remember that I began writing for DotMoms before I had a blog of my own. I liked being able to write what was on my mind and having that immediate feedback was a happy surprise. People liked what I wrote. I was shocked.

That inspired me to start my own blog which I love. I find that I think about what I am writing when it is something very important to me since I know I have an audience (even though it's a small one.)If it was just a diary entry,I wouldn't think about it at all. I'd just write. Having an audience changes what I say.


After receiving too many rejection letters, I started my blog to find out whether there would be -any- positive response out there to my writing. And I was totally surprised to learn that there was.
My blog has helped me to find my voice as a writer and my "blog friends" have given me priceless encouragement.

And I fully believe that blogs are determining what's being read and will eventually play more of a role in what's being published. It only takes a few key bloggers to latch onto something and suddenly, it's all the buzz in the blog world. Once that happens, it's generally not long before the media catch on.


The audience is a big factor for me too. Even when I had NO audience, I wrote to entertain myself (and hopefully others), rather than in a confessional style as I might if I were writing in a journal. I also enjoy writing about current events now and then (as apolitically as possible), citing online references. I wouldn't do that in a journal, and having an audience helps keep me honest.


I'd say that my blog writing is definitely different from anything I'd do in a personal journal because of the invisible audience. Of course, it probably doesn't help that I told my friends and family about my blog, thereby eliminating 90 percent of my best material in the interest of keeping said friends and family...

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