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November 23, 2005



Living our lives will tip our scale. If we think we have the power to balance it all, then we would have to believe that everything in our lives in under our individual control and we can simpley control it all by the choices we make. What pressure! No wonder some of us are walking around in a haze. Here is a recap of the 7 Mommy Guilt-free principles Aviva and I blog about on our site. Let some things go,parenting's not a competitive sport, look at the big picture, say "yes" more and leave the "no" for the big stuff, live in the moment, laugh with your kids, find fun things to do as a family. These are some ways to find what works for your family. After all, you live with them and being balanced may not work for you or your family, it might seem to perfect and too difficult to achieve. There is nothing wrong with "good". Good works! : )


Oh I am SO unbalanced!! Just tonight we had an art class, a scout meeting, and a basketball game all at the same time....and I'm still in my clothes from work. It is SO hard to find the balance sometimes, but that's just something we have to deal with or we're going to be spinning in circles our whole lives. I agree with Zwiedawurzn that we must strive to find SOME sense of peace and joy and calm this season.


I've always liked Jennifer Louden's work. Her Comfort Queen website has long been a favorite of mine.

For me, balance is found in figuring out what matters most to me and to my family and going from there. We don't do lots of things that other, busier people do, but that's what works for us. And I'm looking most of all for what works for us.


Beautifully written!

(p.s. I find balance can be achieved by simply unplugging the phone.) :-D


This post is really wonderful- and so true.

I believe women in particular have a problem achieving balance because we want so much for everything to be perfect.
Worse, we go to great lengths to convince each other that everything's perfectly in balance even when it's not.
I often wish the women around me were more willing to admit the imperfections in their lives and ask for help. But I find that when I try to talk about this subject, I'm met with resistance.


Great column!


I couldn't agree more! This modern society will have us believe that we can "have it all". In this context it means being spread too thin amongst a variety of tasks and things. You have captured the essence. When you strive for balance in all things you achieve nothing but personal imbalance and unhappiness. So instead, lets strive for inner peace and joy this holiday season, while leaving the juggling to the professionals: the circus people :).

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