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December 21, 2005



have you ever gotten him a body pillow?


understand the pillow issue and the BED issue. have 4 kids AND a husband, all pillow HOGS.
each night it's about counting the pillows and WHY DO YOU HAVE MORE THAN ME?"
because i'm mom and i make the bed!



Bear is SO THE SAME. He must build a nest every night with every pillow he can reasonably gather (including those off the couch). I SO should have thought of pillows as holiday gifts!!

SO glad he has a pillow-loving twin out there :)

Happy New Year!


LOL! How cute is that!?


A man after my own heart! I have over 14 on my (albeit very large) bed and three giganta ones behind those, and all the flatos I used to buy for the kids and got attached to . . .

So how many is he getting? Goose down or synthetic?


Oh how lovely!!!! This reminds me of a little anecdote from my husband. My brother-in-law had promised his daughter that he would take her to a hotel with a pool for a couple of days and they'd sit around swimming and ordering room service.

Well, when it was time for bed, Princess was totally saddened to find that her giant king size bed had only two pillows. So, her father said, "give me five minutes", grabbed the phone and disappeared into the bathroom.

You can imagine Princess's surprise when 15minutes later, she opened the door to find six more pillows!


How many pillows can you fit on a bed?

Happy New Year

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