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December 06, 2005



It would be nice if they could send out a survey asking what people would want to watch on thier ipod. I'm sure thes that hav a lot of product placements would also want to be part of the ipod gang too.

Ann D

I just want my iCalendar to integrate with Microsoft Office for Mac. That would make my life just about perfect. :-)

Ann (she of simple pleasures)

But once that happens, I want to be able to get the Australian comedy show Kath & Kim on some format viewable in North America. I don't care if it's viewable on iPod, DVD, or whatever. It's one of the most hilarious shows ever, but my local cable network stopped carrying it.


$1.99 times about 22 shows per month equals$43.78 times 12 months equals about $525. and thats just for one show.


"...why can't I watch "All My Children" or "The Bold and the Beautiful" on my iPod while headed to work?"

I do hope your joking. "Watch..." on your way to work? I'm assuming you would be taking the bus or subway or other non-behind-the wheel form of transportation.

Melanie Lynne Hauser

You're a programming genius! Why don't you write the networks and suggest this?


From your mouth to God's ears...

I just read yesterday that NBC has signed a deal with iPod. I'm sure ABC will follow. So looks like you're set. :)


I betcha you're just one step ahead of them. Now that the video iPod is such a hit, I predict we'll see a lot more content available for it.

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