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January 16, 2006



Last month, John was eating lunch at the counter. He has to have his peas frozen, so, suddenly he's going "ah! ah!" trying to get what I thought was a booger out of his nose. So I go to help and I'm like Whoa! That's some booger! Then I realized what it was and I was like "blow john blow!" It came out. All was well. It succifiently scared the heck out of him. :) Glad Colter was ok!


Oh, no! I'm still waiting for the day that my DS decides to put something up his nose, AND not be able to get it out, thus necessitating a visit to the doctor's office!


A family friend once had a kid who stuck a Tic-Tac up his nose. When asked, "Why?" he replied, "Because it smelled minty." Ahh. Okay.

Masked Mom

Reminds me of the time my 12-year-old son swallowed a straight pin. We were fortunate that surgery wasn't required. Right around the same time, a mom I know had to perform the Heimlich manuever when her 17-year-old son choked on a Lego. So much for knowing better. :)


If I had a dollar for every time I told one of my kids not to pick his or her nose, I'd be wearing really expensive groovy shoes. :)

Angela Giles Klocke

What can ya say? Kids!


I love kids. Their stories just make my day.

Thanks for sharing.


A marble? Egad.

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