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January 18, 2006



I think Doyle is the one that is going to be gay. I used to not like Logan but I really do think they are good together now. He can be a jerk but he loves Rory so much and cares about her.


I think that Doyle will be found gay...hes always seemed a little...well.. lets just say weird.


I think that it was better when Jess and Rory were together. I know he didn't treat her right all the time but there are second chances... I hope he comes back!!!


All of you who think Rory should be with Jess are insane. He treated her like crap. He bailed on her multiple times, only wants her when he can't have her and when he was around he was a total jerk! Logan cares about Rory and treats her well. Open your eyes and get over the bad boy thing! ew! Anyone ever think that maybe Jess is gay?

amy cohoe

well this is what i think: the gay thing is that just speculation or is it actually gonna happen? and if it does it has to be logan i don't like him. jess and rory should be together cause they were so good toegether. and he told her he loved her and even came to her dorm that one time.
and the wedding thing well not too sure but last new episode lane and zack got engaged so maybe they will have a wedding before long
and i don't want anyone to spoil the luke and lorelei love story cause they are meant to be


i hope jess and rory get married too! i love them and logan is such (!!!!!) a jerk!


I think that the wedding will be between Logan's sister, Honor, and her fiance, Josh. I hope that the person who is gay is Logan because there is no way on earth that Luke would be gay. It may be Jackson but I think sookie and Jackson's relationship is too small in the story for a big shake up like that. I have a feeling it will be Logan who is gay, because, Jess and Rory supposly meet on April 11 after Logan and Rory find a problem in their relationship.


I hope the gay person is Logan only because I heard Jess is coming back in April and I love Jess. Jess and Rory need to be together. I also think that the wedding will be Chris and Sherri because with Lor engadged and Chris with a kid there is no way they will be together so I think it will be Sherri. I hope Jess and Rory get married!!!

Stephanie A.

I just noticed in last night's episode that Lauren Graham looked a little pregnant. It's all in the face- she just has that look/glow.


Maybe it's Chris? Someone mentioned to me (just off-hand) that maybe Sherry was going to come back and they'd get married. An interesting idea. I think I'd like it better if Anna got married though.

Melanie Lynne Hauser

You are truly obsessed! But I understand - GG is my favorite show. Have you heard the gossip that Lauren Graham is pregnant? I doubt it, but it's true that the "perfect" wedding dress did look a little tight on her.

another meshugganah mommy

I think it will be Honor and Josh. It sets up another conflict for Rory, and I hope another Emily smack-down!


I've got the first two seasons of GG sitting waiting for me to watch them, but as I haven't, I can't really comment on the wedding or gay situation.

I just wanted to say that I'm so glad someone else reads TV Guide Online. I'm this fanatic about the Guide. When we get ours each week at home, I go through it with a big Sharpie to mark what I want to be sure to record in the DVR.

And as if that weren't enough, I read the Online version daily. Glad to know there are other Ausiello fans out there.

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